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Fraud Crimes

Fraud crimes are those that comprise deception of some sort, in order to perpetrate a con on another person. Very often these crimes involve business dealings in a financial area, tricking an unwitting victim. Common fraud crimes involve such things as bribery, embezzlement, identity theft, pyramid schemes, bank fraud, check fraud, counterfeiting, and many others.

While most fraud crimes may be charged in the state of California alone, if you have been charged with a crime that involves a government office in the commission of the crime, such as the Post Office, or if the crime involved crossing state lines, you may also face federal charges. These types of charges could bring the power of the FBI into an investigation, which could lead to much more serious charges and consequences if convicted. Certain crimes could actually lead to prison time of up to 30 years, if the crime was perpetrated against a bank.

Forgery Charges

Forgery generally involves the signing of someone else’s name on a legal document, normally for monetary gain. Signing a check by forging the account holder’s signature would be forgery. Signing a deed of trust or a loan document in someone else’s name would also be considered a crime. If a person were to alter a will or attempt to transfer real estate by forging the legal paperwork, this could also be charged as forgery. There are also many instances of falsifying documents, such as checks, stocks, notary acknowledgements and power of attorneys in order to obtain money or property illegally.

Depending on the seriousness of the charges, forgery can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. It is punishable by imprisonment in state prison of up to 3 years, or in a county jail of not over 1 year. Any prior convictions can drastically increase the sentencing and if charged as a felony, can add to your “strikes” in the California Three Strikes law.

Proposition 47 Changes the Effects of Many Theft Crimes

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