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How Can An Expungement Help You?

An expungement is a process our criminal defense attorney from the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Vallens can help you with in order to remove unwanted and damaging convictions and arrests from your public record. These negative marks on your record can leave a lasting impact that can affect many areas of your life. Such areas as employment opportunities, education scholarships, housing options, immigration status and even insurance rates can all be impacted by this.

Some individuals may have started out life with a rough beginning, perhaps a DUI or drug crime. Now as a more mature person, you may be trying to obtain a certain position or apply for a loan and realize that these old convictions could result in serious consequences for you and your family.

A DUI on your record can severely affect your job opportunities in addition to increasing your insurance rates. If you are an immigrant, a conviction of certain types of charges could risk your ability to remain legally in the country. And most any type of conviction will make it difficult to obtain housing and jobs, when someone becomes aware of your record. When you need help expunging a criminal record, our legal team may be able to help. Call us today to find out how.

Applying For Expungement

Not everyone can qualify for an expungement, but if you have had no new criminal offenses in the past ten years and obeyed all probation terms and court orders from your past convictions, you may be able to qualify. Our legal team knows how to properly petition the court to have your records expunged in order to help you move on with your life.

Although an expungement will not remove the criminal history from law enforcement data bases, any public records would no longer show certain records if properly expunged and you would legally be able to not report them on any application. You could safely apply for those jobs, loans, scholarships and housing without the embarrassment and worry of being turned down due to your prior record.

At Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Vallens, we will provide you with the legal advice you need in order to determine your best legal option for an expungement. Our firm has helped numerous clients with their legal needs and look forward to helping you as well. We are available to serve you in Westlake Village, Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks.

Did you violate probation? Have you been convicted of one, two or three (or more) DUI’s? Did you know that even felony DUI can be expunged? Don’t give up, call a lawyer who can actually help. Call today: (818) 783-5700. It’s a free call, you have nothing to lose.