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Here Are a Few Examples of Prior Case Outcomes

Learn about our successful track record by reading some of our case results. We are dedicated to defending the rights of the accused and helping them move forward toward greater freedom.

Please note that while these are actual case results, each case is different & all outcomes vary.

  • Probation with 30 days community service
    $13,000 Felony check fraud Los Angeles.
  • Probation with 300 hours community service
    $265,000 Check fraud Van Nuys.
  • Dismissed
    .16 DUI in Van Nuys.
  • Dismissed after 12 anger management classes
    Arrested for Assault with Deadly Weapon in Pasadena.
  • Misdemeanor with restitution
    Assault causing great bodily injury w/ enhancement for great bodily injury in San Fernando. Broken bone requiring open reduction
  • Not guilty after bench trial over three days
    Assault likely to cause great bodily injury with great bodily injury enhancement for broken orbital and nose.
  • Dismissed after preliminary hearing
    Assault with deadly weapon w/ GBI enhancement in Ventura.
  • Probation and house arrest
    Attempted kidnapping, False Imprisonment and ADW in Los Angeles.
  • Dismissed after motion to suppress evidence
    Case 1: Possession of cocaine and prostitution Van Nuys.
  • Probation and one year in county jail
    Conspiracy to commit attempted murder of police officer in Lancaster.
  • Disturbing the Peace, No Jail
    Disobeying an executive officer, Battery on police officer, resisting arrest.
  • Not guilty all charges
    Domestic battery in Malibu. Independent witness testified at trial she witnessed the batter.
  • Dismissed at jury trial date
    Domestic battery in Van Nuys.
  • 120 days house arrest
    Downey five counts of annoying/molesting children.
  • 1 point infraction and $100 fine.
    DUI on Federal Military reservation, .08 BAC with open container in car.
  • Probation, alcohol school, & 26 days in jail
    Felony DUI causing great bodily injury to two CHP officers.
  • Misdemeanor with work release.
    Felony evading arrest Ventura, 140 MPH police pursuit on US 101.
  • Speeding Ticket
    Fourth DUI with refusal in Fresno.
  • California Rehabilitation Center treatment
    Gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, cocaine and valium.
  • California Rehabilitation Center treatment
    Gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, cocaine and valium.
  • Dismissal
    Largest single incident of worker's compensation fraud in Los Angeles County history
  • Probation with restitution
    One of the largest welfare fraud cases in Los Angeles County history.
  • City jail and community labor
    Possession of firearms and illegal assault rifle by prohibited person in Pasadena.
  • No jail, probation and house arrest
    Possession of heroin in state prison Los Angeles County.
  • Dismissed after suppression motion.
    Possession of marijuana for sale, thousands in cash and multiple firearms in Lancaster.
  • Dismissed after suppression motion
    Possession of Methamphetamine in Malibu.
  • Misdemeanor DUI with no jail and probation
    San Bernardino DUI with solo rollover traffic collision, .13 BAC, driving and juvenile passenger hospitalized (broken arm).
  • NO JAIL, no cal-trans or community service
    San Fernando second strike felony evading arrest and second DUI.
  • Dismissed after filing Suppression Motion
    Second DUI Ventura, .13 Blood alcohol.
  • Exhibition of Speed
    Second offense DUI in Metro, .24 BAC.
  • Credit time served after hung jury trial
    Second strike sales of narcotics in Los Angeles.
  • Not guilty on all charges
    Special circumstances murder and 3 counts of attempted murder, gang allegation, personal use of firearm
  • No jail, 120 days residential treatment
    Third DUI San Bernardino County, .20 blood alcohol by blood test.
  • City jail work program
    Third offense DUI in San Fernando with suspended driver's license and high blood alcohol.
  • Not Guilty on all charges
    Third strike, in prison, sodomy, kidnap, false imprisonment, assault.
  • No jail, residential treatment and house arrest.
    Transportation of cocaine and third DUI in Van Nuys.
  • No jail fine and alcohol school only
    Two DUI in San Fernando two weeks apart, one with a BAC of .22.
  • No jail, fine and alcohol school only
    Two DUI's within one week, both with alcohol and drugs.
  • Strike Struck and probation
    Ventura Assault Causing Great Bodily Injury while on parole with prior strike (422 against police) within ten years.

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