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Clearing a Bench Warrant in Ventura County

A bench warrant is issued by the court when a person fails to keep the terms of their probation or parole. When a person is given probation as a sentence for a first time offense or a minor crime, their probation has set terms, including a certain length of time to be on probation, possibly attending a court ordered drug or anger management program, community service, reporting to their probation officer at set times or other specific terms.

The same applies to individuals let out early from their jail sentence, who will remain on probation for a given amount of time. Failure to keep any of these terms could leave you subject to a bench warrant. Either your probation officer or the court judge – if you failed to appear for a scheduled hearing – can request or issue the bench warrant. Once issued, your probation officer can come to your door or place of business and immediately arrest you. Even a common traffic stop by a police officer could result in your incarceration, as they would have access to court records and see that a warrant for your arrest was in place.

If you have failed to keep the terms of your probation or parole, it is important you contact a criminal defense attorney to assist you in preventing a bench warrant from landing you in jail. Having someone come to your home or work unexpectedly is not only embarrassing, it can cost you your job and disrupt your family.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Vallens has extensive experience in handling bench warrants for his clients. He will work to file a motion on your behalf to cancel the bench warrant so that you will no longer be at risk of being jailed. Having a bench warrant hanging over your head is not something you want to risk not handling immediately. Contact our office for help with your situation.

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Once a bench warrant is filed, you are at risk of being picked up at any time. Bench warrants do not expire and need to legally be handled to get them cleared off and have you get back in good standing with the court and your probation officer. With the dedicated help of the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Vallens, our firm can ensure the proper motions are filed and you are back on a path to meeting the requirements of your probation. Contact our office for your free initial consultation to discuss your situation.

Need legal help with a bench warrant? Contact the Law Office of Jeffrey S. Vallens, criminal defense lawyer, for effective legal counsel.