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Robbery Criminal Defense Attorney For Westlake Village

Facing Robbery Charges

Robbery is a serious crime that involves theft against another which includes the use of force, threats or intimidation. There are varying degrees of robbery, depending on the amount of violence used and whether a gun was used in the commission of the crime. Charges for robbery will always be filed as felonies. Robbery carries penalties of up to 6 years in prison. Exposure to prison can be much longer if there is an allegation that a weapon was used or if the robbery was for the benefit of a criminal street gang. All robberies are counted as a "strike" crime in California. This means that anyone convicted of 3 strikes can be sentenced to life in prison.

If you or someone you know is facing robbery charges a criminal defense attorney should be retained immediately in order to protect your constitutional rights. Law enforcement vigorously prosecutes these types of crimes and will do whatever it takes to obtain a conviction. When facing this tough situation, contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Vallens for a free initial consultation. Our attorney will meet with you to discuss your legal options.

Defense Lawyer For Robbery in Thousand Oaks and Agoura Hills

When someone is arrested for robbery, they will likely face a daunting interrogation at the police station. It is vital not to speak with the officers without your legal counsel present, as anything you say will be used against you as much as possible. The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Vallens can provide you with an aggressive and dedicated legal defense that has a proven track record of success in dealing with robbery charges. With over 19 years' experience in Westlake Village, Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks, our legal staff has the resources you need when facing robbery charges.

If charged with a robbery, contact the criminal defense lawyer from the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Vallens for an effective and dedicated attorney.

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