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Hit & Run Defense Lawyer Serving Westlake Village

Involved in a Hit & Run?

It can happen that you get involved in an unexpected accident and panic, fleeing the scene of the accident without thinking about the consequences. California law deems that anyone involved in an accident that causes damage or injuries is required to stop and identify themselves to the other party. If you failed to do so and now are charged with a hit and run violation, consult with our attorney at the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Vallens, an experienced criminal defense attorney who can provide you with the legal advice you need. Hit and run charges are serious and must be handled correctly to avoid the possibility of a damaging charge or conviction on your record.

Our firm has been helping residents of Westlake Village, Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks for over 14 years with their legal problems. Our legal team can effectively put together a strong defense on your behalf to fight your hit and run charges. With our expertise, we may be able to have your charges reduced or even dismissed, depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Consequences of Hit & Run Charges

Because leaving the scene of an accident could leave an injured party without anyone to help them and facing possible serious effects from the impact, a hit and run carries very strict penalties that can include fines of up to $10,000 and even jail time based on the circumstances of the accident and whether you have any prior record. The charges could be either a misdemeanor or felony, based on the severity of the accident. If someone is severely injured or even killed because of a hit and run, you stand the chance of lengthy prison sentences, additional fines and even restitution to the family of the injured or deceased.

It's a Bad Time for a Hit and Run

With all the news lately about people getting killed by hit and run drivers, there has never been more need to hire a lawyer who will fight for you. An experienced defense attorney may be able to help you reduce your offense to a misdemeanor, avoid jail or even avoid a conviction all together. Call today (805) 230-3651 and ask me about a civil compromise. It may save you from a conviction.

When facing hit and run charges, contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Vallens for effective and dedicated legal representation. Our legal team will provide you with personalized attention as well as work hard to bring you a quick and effective resolution to your hit and run charges.

When facing hit and run charges, contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Vallens for effective and caring criminal defense attorneys.

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