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Case Results

Here are a few examples of prior case outcomes

D. H. - Special circumstances murder and 3 counts of attempted murder, gang allegation, personal use of firearm: Result: Not guilty on all charges.

J.F. - Third strike, in prison, sodomy, kidnap, false imprisonment, assault. Result: Not Guilty on all charges.

S.S. - Largest single incident of worker's compensation fraud in Los Angeles County history. Result: Dismissal.

M.W. - One of the largest welfare fraud cases in Los Angeles County history. Result: Probation with restitution.

R.R. - Third DUI San Bernardino County, .20 blood alcohol by blood test. Result: No jail, 120 days residential treatment and DMV set aside.

E.Z. - Possession of heroin in state prison Los Angeles County. Result: No jail, probation and house arrest.

M.L. - Transportation of cocaine and third DUI in Van Nuys. Result: No jail, residential treatment and house arrest.

D.B. - Second DUI Ventura, .13 Blood alcohol. Result: Dismissed after filing Suppression Motion

J.R. - Felony evading arrest Ventura, 140 MPH police pursuit on US 101. Result: Misdemeanor with work release.

M.B. - DUI on Federal Military reservation, .08 BAC with open container in car. Result: 1 point infraction and $100 fine.

J.T - San Bernardino DUI with solo rollover traffic collision, .13 BAC, driving and juvenile passenger hospitalized (broken arm). Result: Misdemeanor DUI with no jail, probation and $500 fine.

M.A. - Possession of marijuana for sale, thousands in cash and multiple firearms in Lancaster. Result: Dismissed after suppression motion.

K.M. - Possession of Methamphetamine in Malibu. Result: Dismissed after suppression motion.

C.H. - Arrested for Assault with Deadly Weapon in Pasadena. Result: Dismissed after 12 anger management classes.

M.G. - $13,000 Felony check fraud Los Angeles. Result: Probation with 30 days community service.

L.T. - $265,000 Check fraud Van Nuys. Result: Probation with 300 hours community service.

B.S. - Downey five counts of annoying/molesting children. Result: 120 days house arrest.

S.M. - Case 1: Possession of cocaine and prostitution Van Nuys. Result: Dismissed after motion to suppress evidence. Case 2: Same charges in Torrance. Result: Misdemeanor trespassing.

A.A. - Fourth DUI with refusal in Fresno. Result: Speeding Ticket.

P.L - Assault with deadly weapon w/ GBI enhancement in Ventura. Result: Dismissed after preliminary hearing.

C.O. - Attempted kidnapping, False Imprisonment and ADW in Los Angeles. Result: Probation and house arrest.

A.W. - Conspiracy to commit attempted murder of police officer in Lancaster. Result: Probation and one year in county jail.

W. W. - Domestic battery in Van Nuys. Result: Dismissed at jury trial date.

R.M. - Second strike sales of narcotics in Los Angeles. Result: Credit time served after hung jury trial.

A.S. - Second offense DUI in Metro, .24 BAC. Result: Exhibition of Speed.

V.K. - Two DUI in San Fernando two weeks apart, one with a BAC of .22. Result: No jail fine and alcohol school only.

D.M. - Two DUI's within one week, both with alcohol and drugs. Result: No jail, fine and alcohol school only.

S.F. - Gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, cocaine and valium. Result: California Rehabilitation Center treatment.

S.F. - Gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, cocaine and valium. Result: California Rehabilitation Center treatment.

J.P. - Felony DUI causing great bodily injury to two CHP officers. Result: Probation, alcohol school, fine and 26 days in jail.

J.Z. - Domestic battery in Malibu. Independent witness testified at trial she witnessed the batter. Result: Not guilty all charges.

J.W. - Disobeying an executive officer, Battery on police officer, resisting arrest. Result: Thorough defense investigation located witnesses for the defense. Result: Disturbing the Peace, No Jail.

C.V. - Third offense DUI in San Fernando with suspended driver's license and high blood alcohol. Result: City jail work program.

M.A. - Assault causing great bodily injury w/ enhancement for great bodily injury in San Fernando. Broken bone requiring open reduction surgery and physical therapy. Result: Misdemeanor with restitution.

A.B. - Possession of firearms and illegal assault rifle by prohibited person in Pasadena. Result: City jail and community labor.

D.G. - .16 DUI in Beverly Hills with traffic accident. Result: DMV set aside and reduced to dry reckless prior to trial.

D.S. - Assault likely to cause great bodily injury with great bodily injury enhancement for broken orbital and nose. Result: Not guilty after bench trial over three court days. Co-defendant convicted in prior trial with appointed lawyer.

M.C. - .16 DUI in Van Nuys. Dismissed after granting of suppression motion.

D.S. - San Fernando second strike felony evading arrest and second DUI. Result: Referred to Veterans Court Downtown for outpatient treatment and NO JAIL, no cal-trans or community service.

C.J. - Ventura Assault Causing Great Bodily Injury while on parole with prior strike (422 against police) within ten years and two prison priors in last five years. Result: Strike Struck and probation.

R.C. - San Diego assault with a deadly weapon (car) and Hit and Run Causing Great Bodily Injury. Result: Misdemeanor and mandatory state fees. No jail, work or license suspension.

J.B - San Fernando assault causing great bodily injury. Result: Dismissed after three witness interviews and polygraph test.

D.M. - Beverly Hills DUI with traffic collision and .13 BAC defendant admitted drinking beer and tequila. Result: Won DMV hearing and reduced to dry reckless.

J.V. - Second DUI in San Fernando with .10 BAC. Defendant arrested for 14601.2 while DUI was pending. Result: Wet reckless and infraction 12500. No Jail, no IID, no Cal-Trans or community service.

L.G. - Ventura second strike felon entering jail without prior permission and criminal history dating back to the early 1970's. Result: Probation and 45 days jail.

J.D. - Ventura juvenile residential burglary, theft of a firearm, negligent discharging of a firearm and vandalism. Result: Informalization and dismissal of all charges.

K.L. - Arrested on his birthday for battery on police and resisting arrest. Result: Infraction noise violation, no punishment, all other charges dismissed after winning Pitchess motion and Suppression motion pending.

C.H. - Arrested for felony elder abuse and felony vandalism. Result: Misdemeanor vandalism and therapy. No jail, work or fines.

R.T. - Charged with assault and battery after beating down a service representative at a car dealership while on probation for prior case involving making criminal threats to fire fighters. Result: Disturbing the peace and anger management. No jail, work or fines.

C.L. - Van Nuys theft while on probation for theft with three prior theft convictions. Result: Probation for 9 months and no further punishment.

B.T. - Felon with 7 priors offers to sell drugs to undercover in Van Nuys. Client caught with multiple drugs in possession. Result: Probation and Caltrans.

T.T - Felony domestic violence and felon in possession of firearms and ammo. Felony prison priors. Result: 8 days jail and probation.

B.G. - Torrance theft of construction funds ($127,000 actual loss). Two prior theft convictions. Result: Probation and community service.

J.A. - Van Nuys check fraud, $180,000 actual loss. Two prior theft convictions. Result: Probation and restitution.

S.P. - Three DUI arrests. Two in San Fernando and One in Ventura. Result: No jail and only one DUI conviction.

S.L. - Ventura possession of hundreds of images of child pornography in his computer. His own wife turned him in. Result: Misdemeanor and community labor.

J.B. - Ventura possession of cocaine and minor in possession of alcohol. Result: Dismissed all charges at preliminary hearing.

N.A. - San Fernando transportation of 70 pounds of marijuana. Also, Harbor Court felony dissuading a witness, felony vandalism, dui, driving on a suspended license and child endangerment. San Fernando case was settled for a wobbler and sent to Veteran's Court with no jail or Caltrans. Harbor case was settled for a misdemeanor dui and vandalism with no jail or work service.

D.B. - Ventura - Two DUI's while on probation for a third DUI in Ventura. Additional DUI (4th) arrest was not filed. Result: 30 days in the Ventura County work furlough program.

M.S. - Burbank residential burglary. Result: Probation. Upon release from custody MS was notified by police she had a warrant for another residential burglary in San Fernando. Result: Grand theft and credit for time served. No strike, no jail, no community service or fines.

M.A. - Van Nuys second DUI, hit and run, refusal to take a test on probation from first offense. One of the most beligerant clients I have heard on video of arrest. Result: 10 days caltrans and no jail.

M. R. - Van Nuys second DUI, on probation from first DUI, hit and run vs. two cars and prior uncharged DUI traffic collision earlier in the same day. Result: 96 hours city jail and SCRAM device.

M.G. - LAX transportation of over two liters of promethezine. Arrested at Los Angeles Airport after checking in bag containing unmarked bottle of promethezine. Result: Dismissed all charges before preliminary hearing.

D.R. - VN entering a residence to annoy/molest a child and residential burglary. Result: Probation, no sex offender registration required.

H.H. - Second DUI in Van Nuys. Result: Dismissed after judge granted my 1382 motion to dismiss for a speedy trial violation.

M.D. - Auto theft in Ventura while on probation and with 3 prison priors. Client hired me after failing to appear for his trial date. Offer to Public Defender of three years. Client arrested four times while out of bail on my case. Client convicted (I wasn't his lawyer) three times while out on bail on my case. Result: Split sentence - One year county jail and One year supervised release.

V.P. - Possession of narcotics and DUI arrest in Los Angeles (downtown). Result: Misdemeanor exhibition of speed and fine only.

P.L. - Theft from Costco. Two recent prior arrests for theft from other Costco stores. Result: Diversion, counseling and stay away from Costco.

G.J. - Road Rage incident Hit and Run. Prior arrest for attempted murder and conviction for criminal threats. Result: Civil compromise.

J.P. - Second DUI with refusal and commercial license. .17 Preliminary Alcohol Screen. Result: Wet reckless, no license suspension.

M.C - 2 kilos, yes, kilos of cocaine and $11,000 in cash. Search warrant at house revealed over a pound of pot. In Orange County.

Result: Probation and house arrest.

O.C. - Felony domestic battery in Van Nuys while on two grants of probation. Result: Misdemeanor probation, no jail, no work.

S.P. - Third offense driving on a suspended license in for drunk driving/drugs in Van Nuys while on two grants and probation and pending his third DUI. Result: 12500 and a fine only.

J.R. - Ventura felony gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. Result: Probation and city jail.

J.B. - Felony animal cruelty in Long Beach personally witnessed by an L.A. County Deputy District Attorney.

Result: Diversion, no jail or fines.

P.M. - Assault with intent to commit rape, ADW and domestic battery at Airport Court. Result: Wobbler with probation, no jail, outpatient program and psychological counseling.

G.S. - 68 counts of theft and perjury in Orange County. $300,000 actual loss. Result: Probation and 90 days house arrest.

D. S. - Felony evading arrest, DUI causing injury in San Fernando. Result: Veteran's Court. Misdemeanor and no jail or community service.

D. A. - Possession of assault rifles, manufacturing assault rifles and possession of explosive devices in CCB.

Result: misdemeanor and no jail.

M.S. - Newhall domestic violence. Prior to trial, 4 prior allegations of domestic violence were alleged and documented with police reports. Two independant witness to battery. Multiple prior felony and misdemeanor convictions. Result: Dismissed prior to trial.

V.S. - Second DUI with refusal in Ventura. Result: Electronic monitoring.

B. M. - Criminal Threat, violating a court order in Van Nuys on 2 grants of probation for domestic violence and violating court orders. Client was subject to 3 court orders at the time of recorded threat to kill ex-wfie. Result: Probation and Cal-trans.

O.C. - Van Nuys felony domestic violence while on two grants of probation. Result: Misdemeanor and credit for time served of one day in jail.

B.W. - Van Nuys (Malibu) domestic violence misdemeanor. Result: 52 therapy sessions and dismissal. No jail, no cal-trans, no probation, no sentencing.

Y.B. - Van Nuys prostitution case. Third prostitution arrest, and second prosecution. Result: Diversion and dismissal of all charges.

M. A. - Van Nuys second DUI, refusal, hit and run on probation from first DUI. Result: 10 days cal trans, no jail.

D. S. - CCB misdemeanor false information trying to purchase a gun (as a felon). Result: Dismissal after filing mitigation package.

N.K. - San Fernando felony grand theft by embezzlement from Macy's. Client hired me after the preliminary hearing. Previous private lawyer was unable to get a misdemeanor at arraignment, preliminary hearing setting or preliminary hearing dates. Result: Misdemeanor and community labor after submitting lengthy mitigation package and multiple discussions with DA.

D.S. - Van Nuys 14601.2 driving on a suspended license for drunk driving/drugs while on probation for DUI. Result: 12500 unlicensed driver, no point violation and a fine with no probation violation even though client still doesn't have a license and hasn't done alcohol school.

J.C. - San Fernando DUI traffic collision with parked car occupied by two adults and two children under 4 years old. Result: Misdemeanor 23152 non-injury dui with 10 days community labor.

A.G. - Van Nuys Exhibition of Speed caught by CHP "drifting" on Mulholland Highway. Result: 1 point speed violation and traffic school.

D.S. - Ventura felony domestic violence while on probation for DUI. Result: Dismissal.

D.L. - Misdemeanor vandalism in Ventura. Prior arrest for domestic violence with same victim. Result: Unlawful assembly misdemeanor and no domestic violence conditions.

E.B. - Van Nuys, misdemeanor domestic violence. Second time client was charged with domestic violence against same victim. Result: Dismissed all charges, again.

D.S. - Orange County 68 count theft and perjury case. Over $300,000 in alleged losses to over 26 victims. Result: Dismissed after 995 motion and refiled. After refiling, result: Probation and house arrest.

D.L. - Van Nuys, Indecent exposure and lewd act in a public place. Result: Dismissed at pre-trial conference.

M.I. - Ventura, DUI with traffic collision. Result: Military Diversion. No conviction, no sentence, and no military discipline.

F.W. - San Fernando, Two loaded handguns in a car. Result: Fine only with informal probation. Guns to be returned. No firearm prohibition during or after probation.

V.E. - Van Nuys, Possession for Sale, Cultivation of marijuana. Three grow locations and unlawful dispensary. Result: Misdemeanor offer. Case pending trial.

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